31.10.2023 || portugal

Wines from another world

At 'Wine From Another World' we infused traditional elements with avant-garde technology, enriching cultural and sensory experiences. 'Wine From Another World' event blended centurial architecture with cutting-edge digital artistry. We teamed up with Mulabs to create two interactive installations for the launch of the new wine of Wines From Another World that elevate the wine-tasting experience through innovative technology and compelling narrative.


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Installtion one

Sensory Voxel Cube

The Sensory Voxel Cube is an immersive installation designed to engage all senses. Inside the cube, visitors experience a multidimensional journey that enhances the aroma, sight, and flavor of the wines. Using AI-driven visuals created with stable diffusion techniques and eden.art, this sensory experience not only deepens the appreciation of the wine but also creates a memorable encounter that merges technology with gastronomy. The visitors tastes the new wine inside of the Sensory Voxel Cube and see their feelings, emotions and reactions to the tasting captured in the surrounding projections.

Installation two

Augmented Portuguese Azulejos

Our second installation breathes new life into a traditional panel of azulejos tiles. By mapping engaging narratives that animate the historical scenes depicted on the tiles, this installation offers a dynamic reinterpretation of Portuguese heritage. The visuals dance across the tiles, infusing them with motion and vibrancy, and turning the static artwork into a living story that captivates and educates attendees. This piece was the highlight in one of the main rooms.

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