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Discover a world where technology and art converge and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary immersive experiences. From inspiring shows to augmented visuals and custom installations, we're in the business of creating magic. With a blend of creativity and expertise, we push the boundaries of what's possible, delivering immersive solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands.

Our RnA

Just as DNA forms the building blocks of life, our RnA - Research & Arts - shapes the foundation of our creativity. Think of it as the unique genetic code that powers 204.studio. It's more than just a play on words; it's the essence of who we are and how we work.

RnA approach starts with curiosity. From in-house spontaneous research and artistic residencies that allow for our creative expression to collaborations that challenge our skills, we're on a mission to continuously learn.

Our Process

Our creative technology process is our playground, where we blend the latest in technology with creativity to craft immersive experiences that resonate long after the lights dim. From the initial 'Eureka!' moment to the final, breathtaking reveal, every step is an adventure in itself, filled with discovery, collaboration, and a bit of magic. So, grab your backstage pass, and let's dive into the unique process that brings our projects to life.

Design thinking

Every project starts with a spark of creativity and a collaborative spirit, guiding us through design thinking to imagine experiences that resonate and inspire.


Setting sail on an adventure into the unknown, we're on the hunt for the coolest tech and trends that will make our projects pop and sparkle.

Concept/ Prototyping

Here's where our sketches and brainstorming come to life, morphing from thoughts into tangible prototypes that are just a sneak peek of the magic to come.

Installation design, build & operation

Transforming spaces into experiences, we meticulously design, build, and operate installations that are not just seen but felt, remembered, and cherished.

product and application design & 

Crafting the tools for tomorrow’s storytelling, we design and implement products and applications that become the backbone of unforgettable narratives.

parts & performance curation

Curating the perfect blend of parts and performances, we bring together the best in tech, talent, and creativity to set the stage for unparalleled experiences.

Upcoming Events

Check out what's next in our calendar! This spot is your quick guide to upcoming gatherings, workshops, and showcases where our latest innovations take center stage. From hands-on experiences to behind-the-scenes peeks at our newest creations, these events are your chance to see our work in action and get inspired. Come meet us in real life!



From 23:00 to 04:00

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Gesundbrunnen Center, Badstraße 4, 13357 Berlin, Germany

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Work With Us

Our collective of creatives and innovators specializes in turning the seeds of your ideas into immersive, memorable experiences that defy expectations. We're passionate about exploring new frontiers and crafting bespoke solutions that amplify your message. We're here for the game-changers: festivals that want to mesmerize, brands looking to make a splash, and creatives eager to push boundaries. If you're ready to transcend the ordinary and illuminate your audience with unparalleled experiences, we're here to make it happen. Let’s connect and transform your vision into reality.

The Makers

Founder & Creative Technologist
Dimitri De Jonghe
Founder & Creative Director
Cintia Aguiar Pinto
Art Director & Co-Founder
Cecilia Hübinette
Community Manager
Sofie Heyman
Videographer & Artist in Residence
Gabriele Modica

Our Network

In the spirit of collaboration, at 204 we are honored to work alongside a global community of creatives and thought leaders. This diverse network inspires us, enabling the cross polination of ideas that push innovation in our projects even further. Together, we're dedicated to pushing creative boundaries, ensuring every project we undertake is a testament to our collective vision and expertise. Through this network, we continue to redefine the possibilities of immersive and interactive experiences, setting new standards for excellence in the creative and technological realms.

Creative Insight Hub

Tap into our Creative Insight Hub for expert advice on crafting immersive and interactive experiences. Whether you're at the idea stage or finalizing details, our focused guidance ensures your vision comes to life with impact and innovation. Let's make your project shine.