Nature and tech combine to tell a story on the evolution of Nature in Lisbons Botanical Garden
The story

We wanted to tell the story of how nature has been changing as years go by starting with nature before humans, nature during and how it's destroyed and nature taking over.


We projected the visuals into a cave at Estufa Fria a botanical garden in Lisbon


Artsies Collective & MUTI Collective

Timeline/Team set up

2 days


The basics


Create a storytelling experience inline with the theme of Chroma Flora within Estufa Fria in our chosen location of a cave.  


The main challenges in this project was the limited timing and location and how to best create something in a unique location with only 2 days to produce the content and set everything up. It also needed to be able to run on its own without need anyone to sit there and babysit it.


A projection in a cave telling the story of earth before man, earth with man and it's destruction, and earth taking back its power destorying man

The setup

The exhibition was taking place within Estufa Fria, the Botanical Gardens in Lisbon, Portugal. Beforehand we were allowed to explore the grounds and choose a location to put our experience in.

Eventually we settled on this cave and started brainstorming ideas of what to create and how and eventually used the cave as inspiration within our story telling.  

The story

Due to our limited timing we couldn’t create something too crazy or far our comfort zone so we believed it was important to have a compelling story. Due to the nature of the exhibition and location in an large indoor garden the theme of nature.

We originally came up with projecting onto 9 different large rocks in the cave wall and having 3 rocks tell the story of the earth before man, 3 rocks showing what man has done to earth and 3 rocks showing the possible outcome of earth.

Creating these moodboards in order to help get a general feel and inspiration for each piece and make sure everything was cohesive and aligned with the story.


With limited timing and a hardworking team we took the inspiration and the story of the mood board to divide and conquer. Sitting and tirelessly prompting and generating our various AI tools to create some cool videos to represent the story we wanted to express.

Once we were happy with all our videos they were clipped together in a dynamic way and sound was added to create more of an experience and then rushed to the location to be set up in time for the exhibition to start and in a way that allowed to it to be self sustaining and run on it's own.


After editing and cutting and adding sound we had a whole story to tell about earth before people, during people and possibly after people. We were able to project the video into the rock in order to fully immerse you into the story. This show cased in Estufa Fria for one week.

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